Fees And Schedule

Class Schedule

Currently, classes are offered online via Zoom, in conjunction with in studio attendance. 

Should you wish to attend in studio, please confirm attendance as space is limited.

Class Schedule:

Monday Morning 7:30 - 9.00am Adult Yoga Class
Monday Evening 6:30 - 8:00pm Adult Yoga Class
Tuesday Morning 8:00 - 9:30am Adult Yoga Class
Thursday Morning 8:00 - 9:30am Adult Yoga Class
Thursday Evening 6:30 - 8:00pm Adult Yoga Class
Friday Morning 7:30 - 9.00am Adult Yoga Class

Fees from 1 February 2021

Monthly Rates (for regular practitioners):

Once a Week Attendance – R 440.00 pm

Twice a Week Attendance – R 640.00 pm

Three Classes a Week – R 720.00 pm

Four or More Classes a Week – R800.00 pm

One-On-One – R 300 per hour

Drop In Class – R 130.00

Additional Online Class Info:

- You will need to download the free app Zoom Cloud Meetings.  You will then sign in to class using the Meeting ID and Password that will be sent to you.  Before signing up for your first class, we will need to 'meet' online so that I can discuss and health issues with you.

- Please set up in a quiet room with minimal noise and distractions.  You should set up your mat 2-3 metres away from your camera so that I can view your whole body and give verbal instructions for any corrections.  If you have two mats then set them up in a T-shape. 

- You will need some basic equipment such as blocks, blankets and a strap.  You do not need the traditional equipment, any suitable alternatives will do.  For blankets, you need firm ones, not soft fleece blankets - beach or bath towels also work well.  If you do not have a strap, you could use a kitbag strap, an old tie, or even a soft/canvas belt.  An alternative to blocks could be a small bench, a biscuit tin, DVD box set or a stack of books.  Guruji once did a backbend over his bicycle, so get creative.  The following short video will give you an idea of what props are used in an Iyengar class - https://youtu.be/id8aRbiClUY.

- Please sign on early so that we can tend to any technical glitches (mine included:) before class starts.  This will also give you a chance to catch up with the others in class.